Man of Steel


Man of Steel was a very unusual job for me. It was the first project for which I was hired primarily because of my ability to sculpt digitally, which is something I've been doing for a few years now. Rather than the usual mix of paintings, sketches and general 3D work I'm used to, I was asked to be a kind of creative filter for the film's concepts (and to create a few important ones of my own, as you'll see). I turned 2D art into 3D sculptures that would be either interpreted or directly printed into set pieces and props, often huge ones, putting my own spin on each. Technology, furniture, spaceships, plumbing. Most of the things that were built on stage in Vancouver to represent the world of Krypton, and much of what went from the art department to VFX, was either generated by me or passed through my hands in one way or another. I got to put my fingerprints, as our supervising art director put it, on almost everything Kryptonian. That, for me, as a life-long Superman fan, is just about the coolest thing I have ever gotten to do in my entire life. I hope you like it.

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