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Well, I should give up any pretense of this being a regular thing, this blog page. IT'S BEEN A YEAR. Sorry. :(

OK, most important business first. As if you didn't already know:

Man of Steel has finally opened!

INSIGNIA STEEL V2003 110504.jpg

While the critical response has been mixed (I think it's a kind of backlash, bound to happen, given the unprecedented level of positive buzz the film was getting), the theaters are full of fans, and the fans are full of praise, and MoS broke box office records. Zack Snyder did an amazing thing, a very very difficult thing to do well, and he did it very well indeed. I am very pleased and humbled to have been a part of this.

Maurice Mitchell at Film Sketchr, an excellent blog all about motion picture production art, was kind enough to show an interest in my work from early on. I gave him my first post-Man of Steel interview, which you can read here.

And before you go, Please check out my Man of Steel portfolio pages.


I spent some time on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, my first Marvel project since 2006. I did some storyboards. I think it's going to be terrific.


I'm scheduled to appear at San Diego Comic Con, on the Art Director's Guild Illustrator's Panel, on Friday, the 19th of July, 2013. We'll be signing autographs and answering fan questions afterward. 

At some point during the Con I might be appearing at the Cartoon Art Museum booth to do some sketches to raise money for the museum,

Speaking of the museum, you can see some of my art in person there in San Francisco this summer, along with a bunch of drawings by much more famous people, and props and costumes from the movies, all to celebrate Superman's 75th Anniversary!

Plus, I have some projects of my own in the works…



I am collaborating with comics writer/editor Mariah Huehner (Womanthology, Fables, True Blood) on a Limited Edition Sculpture of her character, The Empress of the Jellies. It's to be fabricated by master Maker Fon Davis of Fonco Creative, one of the lights behind your favorite practical movie miniatures, and hand finished at his studio in California. This is a digital render, as close as I could manage to creating what we believe will be the final look.
If you want to know more and receive updates, please subscribe to our Facebook page, and watch out for the Kickstarter campaign later this year!


Then there's my short film, Gage, a robot-themed SF adventure story set in the near future. Check out my leading man! He's a very expensive piece of consumer hardware that gets into, and out of, a serious scrape, and saves a life in the process.

Meet GA6E:


I've  received nothing but positive feedback for the story, and I hope to have more news for you in just a few months!


On a sad note, the great Ray Harryhousn passed away a few months ago. He was one of my childhood heroes. I am so lucky to have had the chance to meet him, back in the late niineties. Here I am showing him some of my digital art at ILM. 


I was so pleased to be able to show him a little something, when he had shown me so much. 

His stop-motion magic fed and energized my creative nature from an early age, and I will never forget him. Harryhausen was one of the first filmmaker's names I ever learned - after Walt DIsney's. Close after. 

ray-harryhausen-clash-of-the-titans-medusa (1).jpg

'Bye, Ray. Thanks for Sinbad, and the Kraken, and the Gorgon, and Talos, and the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Thanks for Mighty Joe Young and the Cyclops and the Ymir. And Hydras and Golden Fleece and dragon's teeth, and armies of the dead, and all of the many dreams. Thank you for being such a good friend to my old pal and teacher Arnie Kunert. And thank you for being kind to all of us who followed you so eagerly.

We miss you.


I found out Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News knows who I am. For my birthday I'm getting this tattooed on my face:

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.39.26 PM

I am STOKED. Dude. 

Thanks for coming to my site. Pass it on to your friends, and I hope you enjoy Man of Steel!





Only three months have gone by since my last post! I'm getting better!

Due to work commitments, and also not having my **** together fast enought to get passes, I have continued my proud tradition of not making it to Comic Con for the one hundredth year in a row. I have particular reason to regret it this year...

Yesterday was an exciting one for fans (and former employees) of the Man of Steel - Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill introduced the first footage and answered some questions from fans. Twitter was on fire. It was thrilling for me to see (from afar) the very positive reaction from the public. Admittedly, this was an audience predisposed to love Superman - nevertheless, I was a little nervous until the accolades started pouring in. The only thing I can share with you here is a look at the new teaser poster, heavily featuring the glyph design. 

Someone pointed out that this poster bears a strong resemblance to Alex Ross' terrific Supes portrait from the hardback cover of Kingdom Come.

IGN was there, and has some real nice photos of the super-suit. And here's a wide shot from the WB itself.

I am working on storyboards for a big new film project which I am forbidden to talk about… It's exciting, and I'm just getting rolling. That's about it for now… Thanks for checking in! Take a look at my portfolio before you go!




My usual epoch has passed since I last updated this page… Seriously, two posts in a year? 

This is one of those periods when I've been really busy, but everything is still under wraps for various reasons.

Here's the latest:

There was quite a bit of interest in two of my WB/DC-related projects earlier this year, with my interview at Film Sketchr getting some serious heat (no illusions - it's all becuase of Superman), and my Green Lantern art getting its share of fan love too.

Speaking of Supes, a new version of the "S" glyph that I designed for Man of Steel has been officially released:

I should hurry to say that I did not create this piece; it's based on my design, but someone else did it (if you know who, send me a note and I will give credit). Compare it with the one below, created by the young Italian designer Daniele Moretti, and which I thought was the best of all the fan-created interpretations. Daniele had given me permission to use it on my home page (since I'm not allowed to show any of my own art yet), then fate intervened and WB released the above - Daniele's rather sunnier take was created for the Facebook Fan Page:

See if you can spot the subtle differences in the shapes.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is still in a kind of limbo, with SyFy deciding how best to market it, but the leaked trailer looks amazing. Check it out.

I've been doing some cartoon design for two companies out of New York, Scholastic and Curious Pictures. It's been a long while since I've done this kind of thing, but I taught myself to draw by copying the work of the two Great Walts, Kelly and Disney, so it's not too foreign to me. I had a blast working with director Chris Gilligan, producer Jef Kaminsky and my great pal from ILM, Camille Geier, who is now SVP and head of studio at Curious.

And last but not least, I've done some personal work too, creating five new pieces of robot art and a screenplay, which I have begun pitching in earnest to some heavy hitters recently… I've had some awesome meetings. Watch this space for news!

Thanks for stopping in… please visit my portfolio!


Visit IMDb!



NEW NEW NEW - I've added creature concept sketches for Green Lantern and storyboards from Three Musketeers to my porfolio - please check them out!



WOW but it's been a long time since I updated this site… I've been happily busy on a very intense project for nine months, and now it's almost over… I've been doing concepts, 3d designs, virtual maquettes, logo design (hint, hint) you name it - and helping to break some new ground, I'm told,  in the application of technology to production design. Shucks. 

Unfortunately it will be a good two years before you'll be allowed to see it, so we'll have to content ourselves for now with the photo to the left, plus whatever leaked images you can scrounge from the web… ;)

I've spent quite a bit of time in Vancouver and LA with the show. My friend Aaron Haye, mentioned below, and his beautiful wife Bridget had a half-Canadian baby here, Little Man Gus, whom I have become quite fond of. Not sure yet what he thinks of me. My also-half-Canadian friends Kat, Cam and Sam at Turtlebox Productions have been kinder than kind as usual. I have had the chance to work with some of the coolest people on some of the coolest assignments of my career, and put my imprint on a story that's very  close to my heart. All in all, not too bad a year, so far. :)


April, 2011:

It's three months into what was supposed to be a two-week job, and I am happier than a pig in mud. I wish I could tell you all about it, but just about everything I am allowed to say for the next year can be summed up with "I am working on a movie."  :) 

I've made some great new friends here, and strengthened my connections with old ones; I'm working with people I respect and the work itself is, shall we say, my cup of bizarre, custom-brewed tea. Refer to above paragraph re: pig.

Stay tuned for news!


January, 2011:

This has been a great week - "Hereafter" was nominated for an Academy Award for best visual effects! See my storyboards here. Also, I am starting a new job at Warner Bros on Monday, with my old ILM chum Aaron Haye!

I have finally added the BSG art to my portfolio - click on the links above to see character, environment and hardware samples from this most recent gig! (Don't worry, I'm not violating any NDAs - this is all stuff that the network released to the public weeks ago!)


January 2011:

And a Happy New Year!

I'm back on Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome this week...


December 2010:

Merry Christmas, everybody!


December 2010:

WOW! That was fast - SyFy has ALREADY released the concept art I did for BSG: Blood and Chrome! So happy they liked it, and thrilled to have helped out... There will be some more, but it will have to wait for the show to air!


September, 2010

Hereafter has opened at last! The tsunami sequence has been getting a lot of excellent press; case in point, this Millimeter magazine interview with Michael Owens, the visual effects supervisor. Also, Time Magazine's Richard Corliss wrote a review in which he singled out the piece as "the most exciting, expertly assembled flood scene in movie history." I'm busting my buttons. :)

Check out my Hereafter storyboards on this page.


August, 2010

I've wrapped my work on Paul W. S. Anderson's 3D reboot of The Three Musketeers. I haven't found the opportunity to work with Paul since Event Horizon, and I had almost forgotten how much fun it can be. I look forward to seeing the movie, and being able to share some of my work on Musketeers with you here when the film comes out.


I've been doing some fresh creature work, and you can find it in my portfolio. I will post more as the days go by... I'm writing again, as well, for those of you that have an interest.


July, 2010

The Plastiki has arrived safely in Sydney! Never fear, there is more in store for the plastic cat... she will live on as an educational tool and traveling museum exhibit. I conceived and executed a 3D virtual tour of the ship before it was built; I have never been more happy to be associated with a project! Please check out the website, it's charming and chock full o' learnin'.


I have recent work which I cannot display here - contact my rep, Shawn Burns of Rocket Science Talent, for details.

Please take a look at my portfolio before you go...

Thanks for visiting - Please pass the link along to anyone who might enjoy it or find it useful!

Peter Rubin

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